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It was Sunday afternoon when Kevan and Sam moved into a stilt house in the swamp. Kevan did not like the swamp. He was afraid of alligators and snakes. Sam thought it was cool. Their parents liked it except mom was a tiny bit scared. Dad built five stilts under their square house so no alligators or snakes come in their house. Their house is as small as two strait trailers touching each other. That night they all told scary stories. Sam told a story about a creature in the black lagoon making black lagoon coats that look like hard fish bodies. Out of the top of the coat is a spellcall that makes all the people living in the swamp come to it. All the black lagoon coats are surrounding a hidden black lagoon lake in the swamp. When the black lagoons send off their spellcalls; it looks like fog--but with red circles that appear and disappear mysteriously. What nobody knows is why the creature wants to turn the whole world into a swampy planet. That night Kevan looked out the window and saw the creature in the black lagoon yelling, "Keven!"


Keven went to Sam's room. Saaammmmm Keven yelled. Sam woke up. Kevan told Sam that his story came true. They told mom and dad that Keven said that Sam's story came true. Nobody believed him. Not mom, not dad, not Sam. Then Kevan went back to bed. Sam was a bit worried about Kevan's craziness. The next morning Kevan, the little brother, and Sam, the big brother, went walking through the swamp. Keven saw a talking alligator. ''Saaaammmmm", Keven yelled. Sam l ooked. The talking stopped. Keven was the only one that could hear it. "I don't hear any thing," said Sam. "But it is true ," Kevan said. Then they kept on going. Then Kevan talked to Sam. No reply. Then Keven turned to Sam. He was gone. Suddenly, the creature in the black lagoon magically appeared. "There you are Keven." Suddenly Kevan was trapped in a cage above a stew pot in the middle of the swamp in the hidden black lagoon lake. The pot was floating in the swamp water. There stood the creature in the black lagoon. He said, "It's breakfast time. "And the cage lowered in to the pot.


The cage was made of bamboo. Then Keven broke out of the cage. Keven ran off in to the swamp. Keven did not stop running until he saw Sam and another boy. Sam said," what are you running from?" "The creature in the black lagoon". Sam did not believe Keven. The other boy said, " hi , I am Max". "Lets go home", Sam said. Back at home they were playing hide and seek. Keven was playing video games. Suddenly the TV showed a hard fish body black lagoon suiit. The TV man said, "Come to the costume store and get your black lagoon costume coat". Then a noise came from under Keven's blanket. It was moving. Keven lifted up the blanket. There was a black lagoon lying down on the bed. Keven screamed! it was alive! Then the black lagoon said, "Happy Halloween Keven--put me on!"


After Keven screamed, Mom came to Keven's room. Keven showed the hard black lagoon to mom .It was gone. Mom said," I don't see any thing ." Then mom left the room. Keven tried the black lagoon on. After Keven tried it on the black lagoon lit up. Kevan took it off immediately. Then it said ,"put me on." Keven ran to the kitchen. "Moooooooooooom" ,Keven yelled. "Mom's not home ,"said the creature in the black lagoon. "Aaaaaaaaa", Keven screamed. Keven ran out side .There stood mom. Then Keven told mom about the creature in the black lagoon. Mom said nothing. "Mom , what's wrong with you?"" Nothing ," Mom said in a lovely voice. Keven ran straight to his room and shut the door. There stood mom , right there in Keven's room. "Hey, wait a minute ,your not mom." "That's right, i am the creature in the black lagoon. Now put this black lagoon on. Ahahahahahaha."


Kevan ran from the creature in the black lagoon. It kept saying," put the black lagoon, put it on." Kevan ran back out side. He saw mom and dad ; then kept running and he saw something moving in the bushes. The bushes were in the water. Kevan went closer to the bush in the water. Kevan lifted up the bushes and there stood the creature in the black lagoon. Kevan screamed, "Mom! Dad! "No reply. Mom and dad are gone. Kevan does not know where mom and dad could ever be. The creature in the black lagoon took Kevan and put him in a cage with Sam and 2 dead black lagoons. The creature in the black lagoon is going to change Kevan's brain to Sam's bran and Sam's brain to Kevan's brain.


"Sam, what's going on ?What's happening!" Sam doesn't know. Suddenly they were brain changed. Sam was Kevan and Kevan was Sam. The creature in the black lagoon left. The boys escaped. They changed back their brains and started to l ook for a way out. On their way out they tripped down a great big hole. They just kept on falling and falling. They found out that the hole is endless. They're going to fall forever!


Sam saw a switch. He pulled it. The gravity went off. Sam and Kevan went floating up. When they reached the top they got out and ran to the exit. They were finally out of that spooky cave. They ran all the way home. Their house was gone. "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha." They turned around and there stood the creature in the black lagoon. Then Kevan said," Sam. "No reply. "Sam, where are you?" No reply. Sam was gone.


Kevan ran to Max's house. "Max, are you home?" "Yes, what is it?" Max shouted. "It's the creature in the black lagoon.",said Kevan. "Oh, i don't believe that story," Max said. "But it's true," Keven explained. Max said, "i still don't believe you Kevan." Then Kevan pulled Max along with him. He took him to the cave. The cave was gone. Max said, "i don't see any thing." Then Max disappeared. And there stood the creature in the black lagoon.


The creature in the black lagoon has trans ported Kevan and Sam back in time. Kevan and Sam were in the l ostswamp. The same swamp that they live in only a different part of the swamp that no one has never ever discovered before. Kevan said, "where are we..........?" Max also said, where are we....?" The kids were in a pot. They each had a hard black lagoon on. The creature in the black lagoon said, "lets eat Kevan." Max let out a very l oud scream.


"Now do you believe me?" Kevan screamed. "Yes yes yes", Max screamed, "get me out of here." Then in the pot with them was a magic stick. The creature in the black lagoon was burning it. Kevan quickly took it and made them reappear in their house. There were mom ,dad and Sam . Max was home. He forgot the whole thing. Every body was happy. That was everybody except Kevan. Mom and Dad were aliens from Outer Space but Sam was the creature in the black lagoon.


Kevan ran as fast as he could. He ran all the way to the highway. It was gone. Then Kevan turned around. He was all of a sudden in an empty swamp. Then there was the creature in the black lagoon. Suddenly, Kevan was in a swampy rocket. The rocket was moving. Kevan l ooked out the window. The rocket was coming to a planet. The whole planet was a swamp. "See Kevan," the creature roared, "that is what your Earth is going to l ook like if you don't obey me." "The swamp will cover your whole Earth up if you don't obey me." Kevan let out a very l oud scream.


The creature in the black lagoon landed Kevan on the swampy planet. When Kevan landed he magically telaported. All Kevan could see was color in the air. Kevan never knew where he was going. He was always way to scared to ever l ook where he was going in any scary places. Finally Kevan was where he could see the Earth. Then Kevan let out a very l oud scream.


The Earth was covered with swamp. Then The creature in the black lagoon said to Kevan, ''Hey Earthling, this is not the Earth...yet. This is my planet and the Earth will l ook just like this pretty soon." Kevin was then teleported back to the rocket in space. He then saw something in the creatures pocket. it said: "At the stroke of Midnight, if the creature in the black has Kevan, Max and Sam, he will get his wish; but if Kevan escapes him, every thing will be back to normal. Then Kevan l ooked at the clock "11: 59 P.M." Too bad it's only one minute to midnight.


Only one minute till midnight, The creature was thinking about the catching Kevan part and Kevan was thinking about the escaping from the creature in the black lagoon part. So the creature landed the ship fast on the earth. When they got off the ship the creature in the black lagoon said, "Now where were we?" "Where were we what?" asked Kevan. Then the creature answered, "To turn you in to a creature in the black lagoon just like me."


Keven ran all the way home. The creature didn't chase Kevan. Only 50 seconds left. Kevan ran so fast he slipped out of the book called "The Creature in The Black Lagoon". Keven was out in the hall way of books written. Each book had a door to go into it. So Keven walked around. Then he saw the creature out in the hallway with him. So Keven ran as fast as he could. Then he spotted "Count Nightwing's Goosebumps hall" where all the Goosebumps books are kept. He went l ooking for a place to hide. Keven was out of "Mystery's At Midnight hall" He was in the "Goosebumps hall", so he ran by all the Goosbumps books. Then he got sucked into the door of "Vampire Breath". The creature went in too, and there stood Count Night Wing who said, ''So thirsty."


Then when the creature in the black lagoon showed up Count Night Wing said, "Who are you?" "I am the creature", he said. So Count Nightwing said, "Take your victim and get out of this book!" So the creature said, "OK", and grabbed Keven and went out the door Before Count Night Wing could get them, the creature closed the door. Only 35 seconds left! Then Keven said to the creature, ''You saved my life." So the creature said, ''So i can turn you into a creature in the black lagoon too. Now hold still." Only 24 more seconds!


So Keven ran back to the opening. On the way, Slappy pulled him into "The Night Of The Living Dummy III". "OK slave, do as i order," said Slappy. Then Keven ran out the door. Back in the Goosebumps hall way. The guard from terror tower pulled Keven into "A Night In Terror Tower". The guard said, "Maybe you better come with me." Then Keven pulled away real fast and ran out the door. He ran to the opening. it was closing. Then when he got there it was closed. Kevan was trapped forever!


Keven did not know what to do. The door to "MIDNIGHT MYSTERY'S HALL" was closed. But then he saw a button on the wall. He pushed it. The door opened slowly. Keven ran though the door way and l ooked at his watch and it said only 15 more seconds to go! So Keven ran back to his book. Then he pulled on the door to "THE CREATURE IN THE BLACK LAGOON" book but the door didn't budge.


Keven pulled the door even harder and it opened. Only 10 seconds left! Then the creature showed up. He came into the book and closed the door and it disappeared. But before the creature could get him he ran away. in one second he saw Sam and started to tell him what had happened. But Sam said, "i know". Then they both saw the creature in the black lagoon and they both ran home. Only 6 more seconds! When they got home Keven l ooked at his watch. it said 0 seconds left!


But since the creature didn't catch Kevan yet or Keven didn't get away yet the seconds went up to 25 seconds left. The whole Earth was a swamp and Keven and Sam had to get away. Right where there house will be in the future was a magic window. They opened it. Only 8 seconds left!


As they opened the window Keven and Sam got pulled through it. When they got in the window it disappeared and the creature in the black lagoon was gone for ever. They all ended up having a great Halloween and a wonderful Thanksgiving. That Christmas, Max came over with his little brother Ben and they all opened their presents. Keven got a video game computer disk called "Monster's invasion". Sam got a puppy that was trained to play all the hide and seek games and hide and spy games too. Max got a Mighty Max Skull Mountain set, and Ben got two things: a creature in the black lagoon doll and a Slappy dummy. Keven looked in the creature's eyes and in Slappy's eyes. All of a sudden Keven and Ben were in the swamp. The whole earth was a swamp and Ben had to be Slappy's slave forever and Keven had taken the creature's place. The other creature was gone forever because Keven was now "The Creature in The Black Lagoon"!