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It was Tuesday night when Max and Ben moved to a small town called Vampire Town. It was called Vampire Town because it l ooks so old and haunted. When Max got to their new house on Dead street he was the first one in the house checking out the house. Ben was afraid of Vampires like Count Nightwing or even Count Dracula. Max said, "get real". Later on when Mom, Dad , Max and Ben were going to their rooms, Ben's bed wasn't the same. It was a coffin that said, "welcome Ben" and the lid opened automatically and Ben screamed.


Mom, Dad and Max came to Ben's room. Ben tried tp show them the open coffin. It was gone. "Is this some kind of joke?" Max said. "No," said Ben. "Just go to sleep," said Mom. "We'll talk about it in the morning," said Dad. So Ben layed down in the bed. The bed turned into a coffin. Ben fell asleep. Ben dreamed about Max believing him. Even now that wasn't true. The next morning the coffin door didn't budge.


Ben was trapped. So he pushed even harder; but it was still locked. He yelled for Max. No reply. Ben did not know what to do. He thought and thought but he couldn't think of anything. Then he thought of something. Ben found out that a Vampire coffin doesn't open till after dark. "That means the coffin that Ben is in won't open untill 8:30 at night. it's 8:00 in the morning now.


So Ben broke through. It took about15 minutes to do it. Then he ran outside and it was 8:30 at night. Ben said, "I'm never ever going in that house again." So Ben started walking downtown. On the way he saw a vampire in the sky. He really saw him. He wasn't seeing things. Ben also saw Count Dracula's Castle. Ben had no idea that the horror was just beginning.


Ben just kept walking through Vampire town. Just then Ben saw Max. Max said, "Ben, what are you doing down town by yourself?" Ben said that he's afraid of their house and that he had to sleep in a coffin all night and when he was walking he saw a Vampire in the sky. Max said, "promise not to tell anyone, even Mom and Dad, if i tell you this." "Why?" said Ben. "You don't want to know," said Max. "Well OK," Ben said. "What is it?"


"Well, I know about the Vampires," said Max, "and I have an idea how to escape Vampire Town." "What is your plan Max?" asked Ben. Max said thatfirst they needed to sneak to the Vampire airplane store before the airplane takes off. if Ben and Max don't get out of Vampire town before Midnight they will turn into Vampires forever.


As they kept walking though the town they heard an annoucement. Count Dracula was saying the announcement. He said for the vampires to make sure that everybody in Vampire town is a vampire. Then Count Nightwing started talking. He said that if any one in this vampire town isn't a vampire the only way out is Count Drackula's Castle, "And if you go there you will my victim." Then Count Dracula said, "You mean, my victim." Then the vampires started to argue. Max and Ben started running till they saw Count Dracula's Castle. So they went in the castle. The door to the castle opened automatically and Ben and Max went inside. And there stood Count Nightwing and Count Dracula and they said, "Hi victims!"


They screamed real real real real real real l oud!! So l oud that it kind of hurt Count Nightwing's and Count Dracula's ears. They didn't know what to do. There was no way out of the Vampire's Castle. Then they had an idea. Ben and Max turned around to pull the front door... But the Door didn't budge!


So Ben and Max thought of another plan. Then they had an idea. So Ben took out a fake plastic stake out of his pocket and showed it to the Vampires. They completely ran away! So Ben and Max walked into the living room and they saw a secret passageway. Ben tried to open it but he couldn't. Max tried to open it and it opened. Suddenly someone grabbed Ben from behind.


Ben turned around and it was another boy. The boy said, "Hi, I'm Eddie." Ben said to Eddie, ''are you a Vampire?" "No," said Eddie, "I'm just l ooking for a way out of Vampire Town." "We're l ooking for a way out too. They said on the announcement that the way out of Vampire Town is through Count Dracula's Castle." Eddie said, "we have to be very careful because if Count Nightwing or Count Dracula sees us we will be doomed." So they started l ooking around for the exit. On their way they saw Count Dracula and he saw Ben, Max and Eddie.


Count Dracula said, ''Welcome victims to the exit of Vampire Town but you can't get past me." They had to think of a plan and fast. But before they could think of anything, Count Nightwing showed up with another Vampire. The other Vampire said hi "I'm Count Chuck and you are my victims." Then the vampires started to argue. Ben quickly started to get out his fake plastic Stake and it was gone.


Then one of the Vampires said, "Looking for this?" He held up Ben's fake plastic stake and said, "i know that it's Fake and plastic and there's know way past us Vampires." So Eddie said, "You can't catch me." Then Ben and Max started saying, You can't catch us," and ran backwards. The Vampires started chasing them. Then all of a sudden Eddie ran in front of the Vampires. Then Ben and Max ran in front of the Vampires too and pushed the secret door that the Vampires were blocking open and went in. Inside there was a big long hall. When they went in they closed the door. Then all of a sudden there was another announcement. it said, "Everybody in Vampire Town to Count Dracula and Count Nightwing"s castle and get the three kids now charge!" Oh no! Now the whole town is going to chase Eddie, Ben, and Max and here they're coming. You can here their feet stomping on the floor like 5ft away!


Then Eddie could see the Vampires coming so they all started running down the the hall past each door l ooking for the one to lead out of Vampire town. The Vampires were all behind them. Then they saw a door that said EXIT OF VAMPIRE TOWN. So they opened it and went inside and closed the door. They were safe for now. Then the room was a dead end. The door to the room opened up and there stood all the Vampires, even Count Dracula and Count Nightwing. They all said, "So thirsty..."


Then all of a sudden Max saw a secret door in the wall at the dead end of the room it looked like a heavy door and there were all the Vampires waiting. Ben, Max, and Eddie didn't know what to do. Eddie, Max and Ben didn't know what was behind the secret door. They didn't know if there might be a wild animal back there. But they knew they had to go to the secret door or turn into Vampires. They only had 30 minutes till midnight. If they're not out of Vampire Town by midnight they'll turn into Vampires forever. So they started to push open the secret door.


They kept pushing. The door was a lot heavier then they thought and the Vampires were flying straight at them. So they kept pushing. Then before they could push any more one of the Vampires grabbed them and and flew out in the hallway. He went through a door that said VICTIM FREEZER and put the kids in there and closed the door and went away. Oh no! Now Eddie, Max, and Ben are gonna freeze!


Ben kept saying, "Let me out!" Max kept pounding on the door. Eddie kept trying to think of a plan to get out. None of them knew what to do. They couldn't think of anything. So Max said, "Maybe we better find our own way out." So Ben said to Eddie, "i don't know a way out". Eddie said, "What's that sound turning the door knob?" The door opened and there stood Mom and Dad.


So Mom and Dad said, "Anybody want to get out of Vampire Town?" "Yes!" they all answered. When they got back to the secret door there stood Count Nightwing. Then Ben said to Count Nightwing, "Get out of my way!" and ran around the corner. Count Nightwing chased him. Then Mom, Dad, Eddie, Max, and Ben turned around and started to open the secret door. They went through the secret door. They were suddenly in a cage and were surrounded by all the Vampires. They all said, "So thirsty..." Only one minute left.


Suddenly the cage floor fell off and they disappeared into a hall that was can was transparent. At the other end was a big teleporter. Mom said, "Count Dracula's castle is at one end of town and the big teleporter is at the other end of town. Dad said, "We can teleport out of Vampire Town but first we have to cross the big long hallway." Then all of a sudden the vampires were right in front of them.


But it was just a mirage from all the times they really saw Vampires. So they started walking down the big long hallway and even started to run. As they were running they saw a Vampire from behind chasing them and up at the opening to the teleporter was a Vampire blocking it. Oh no! Now they are trapped forever! Only 25 more seconds left.


Then Ben saw a wooden knife on the floor of the hallway and picked it up. He ran it through the heart of the vampire blocking the door and the vampire died. So Mom, Dad, Ben, Eddie, and Max ran to the teleporter and switched it to EXIT OF VAMPIRE TOWN. Then they magically teleported though thin air. When they were out of Vampire Town they heard a Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr noise. it was coming from Mom and Dad.


Ben turned around and there were Max and Eddie laughing. Ben, Max, and Eddie were laughing but not Mom and Dad. "Why aren't you laughing Mom and Dad?" asked Ben. Then Mom answered, "Because we are Vampires." Then Dad said, "Count Dracula caught us before we could get to his castle and we have to turn you into Vampires or we will all disappear forever." Then Ben said, "I know you're just making it up." Then Mom showed them her fangs. Then all of a sudden her fangs fell out! They were fake! It said on them MADE IN THE VAMPIRE TOWN STORE. A second later it was Midnight and fangs grew in Mom and Dad's mouth and in Ben's, Max, and Eddie's mouth. Now the whole world is Vampire Town. So from now on Ben is going to be called Count Ben. Max is going to be called Count Max. And Eddie is gonna be called Count Eddie. Mom's going to be called Count Mom and Dad is going to be called Count Dad. Now you know that Midnight is a dangerous time!