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#25059 Up, up and away on their beautiful balloon are these fun loving teddies in a swirling musical water globe.
             A charming and colorful alabastrite base adds a floral accent, 5" diameter, 5 3/4" high. Tune: "Up, Up
             and Away"    $24.95    picture

#28094 An angelic teddy bear rotates on a heavenly cushion of clouds in this delightful musical.
             4" diameter, 6 1/4" high. Tune: "When You Wish Upon a Star"   $24.95   picture

#24620 A delightful addition to your collection! A happy teddy bear rides a rocking horse surrounded by toys,
             while his buddy bear cheers from belows. 5 3/4" high Tune: "Toyland"   $24.95  picture

#28095 To celebrate the eight days of Hannukkah, this musical water globe features a beautiful menorah
              complimented by the Star of David. Tune: "Hava Nagila"   $24.95 picture

# 25596 A heavenly vision indeed, as angels soar above pillowy clouds, surrounded by glittering cascades.
              4 3/4" diameter, 6" high. Tune: "Hark The Herald Angels Sing"   $24.95   picture

#24547 A musical bed of roses blooms atop a rose bedecked base.
             Tune: "Love Story"   $24.95   picture

#23793 A pair of firemen-clowns race their bright red fire engine to the disaster scene, along with their
             faithful Dalmation. Tune: "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes"   $24.95 picture

#28097 A scene from the Southwest, as a little Native American girl inside a teepee revolves to the
             tune: "10 Little Indians".  5" diameter, 6 1/4" high   $24.95 picture

#25603 An intricate motif of carousel horses, ribbons and roses make this water globe a real find for
             collectors.  4 1/2" diameter, 5 3/8" high  Tune: "Carousel Waltz"   $24.95   picture

#28303 A musical delight that remindsAunt Sophie of, "The way a boy and girl used to go courtin'
             back in the old days." A lovely addition to this nostalgic collection. Tune: "Love Story"
             $24.95   picture

#24777 Merlin looms magically out of an enchanted castle in this sensational water globe. The
             castle is crafted in elaborate detail, accented with colorful "jewels". 6" x 6 1/2" x 6 3/4" high
             Tune: "Camelot"   $44.95   picture