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One morning in a town called Dark Falls there was a laboratory And in the laboratory there was one of the worlds greatest scientist making butler robots for people. Nothing could hurt the robots and there was no way to destroy them either. The robots were in tubes. The scientist's name was Dr. Macoy. Dr. Macoy always told Officer Fear scary jokes about the robots turning evil when they come out of the tube. Officer Fear lives in a little town called Creeps Ville 11. Officer Fear lives in the little house part of his office. Dr. Macoy pushed the button to give the robots energy so they could live. They had everything. They had 10,009 brains, 10,009 hearts, 10,009 gallons of electricity, 10,009 gallons of destroy proof armor, and 10,009 gallons of energy. The robots also had ten fingers with both there hands put together they had a little gun on each finger. Here are all the guns names, R.P.G., pistol, shot gun, chain gun, disappearance gun, fire gun, knife shot, regular gun, pipe bomb, and the anything shot gun. The scientist's name was Dr. Macoy. He thought that the robots were gonna be a big help for everyone in the known universe. The robots had 10,009 every thing that was in the known universe. Dr. Macoy never knew that the robots were gonna be the meanest robots in the known universe.


The next morning the robots were ready. Dr. Macoy took them out of the tube. Then he turned the robots on and they walked around and went outside. Dr. Macoy thought that the robots were gonna be a big help. But then Dr. Macoy finally noticed that he messed up and pushed the wrong button and that very second he knew all about what the robots are really gonna do. Dr. Macoy knew that the scary robot jokes that he was telling Officer Fear were really true.


When the robots got outside they tore up the city. Then they made people slaves and did lots more horrible things. Then one of the tubes in the laboratory opened up and a slab of wood walked out. It was a wood dummy with a little crack in his head. And on his head there was a paper taped on and it said Slappy transported to the future 10,000,053 in 1999. Dr. Macoy new that Slappy was gonna slay people too only harder. Then Slappy went outside to slay people.


So Dr. Macoy went to the tube that slappy came from and saw a piece of paper come out from the top. So Dr. Macoy read the message. And it said, IF SLAPPY GETS KILLED HIS SOLDIERS WILL DIE. Then Dr. Macoy went over to the tubes that the twenty robots came out of and papers were on the floor and one paper said SLAPPY'S ROBOT ONE. Then the next one said SLAPPY'S ROBOT TWO. All the way down the tubes the papers warned Dr. Macoy that the robots were really Slappy's robots. So Dr. Macoy knew that he wasn't controlling the robots any more because now Slappy's controlling all twenty-one of Dr. Macoy's robots. And the twenty first robot was Slappy's helper evil robot. Even more evil then Slappy.


Then all of a sudden people were being slaves instead of the robots being slaves. Then buildings started blowing up by the robots. Then someone came running out of the room. "Oh hello Ben" Dr. Macoy said. "It's seven in the morning. What's all that racket?" Ben asked. Ben is Dr. Macoy's son. Then all of a sudden Sara came out and she said "What's all that racket? I can't sleep". Sara is Dr. Macoy's baby daughter. Then Dr. Macoy answered "Because my robots did not work they're making humans slaves instead of the robots being slaves". Then all of a sudden Slappy's helper evil robot walked in the door and saw Dr. Macoy and his two kids. Then the robot pointed his R.P.G. finger at them if the R.P.G shoots them they will blow up. And the robot was ready to shoot them with the R.P.G. finger.


Dr. Macoy, Ben and Eddie all stood together. Then Slappy called the robot over. Then with out shooting the robot put down the gun and went over to Slappy and kneeled on the floor and said, ''What is it King Slappy?" Then Slappy answered, ''Let's go blow up the white house". Then before they could go out another man walked in the door and he said "Hello Slappy and Robot number 21 i'm Dr. Horror and i'm Dr. Macoy's brother". Dr. Horror is not a regular human. If Dr. Horror takes off his is coat he's some thing else. Dr. Horror is a killer robot becouse he was just pertending that he was Dr. Macoys brother becouse hes really not.


Then Dr. Horror said, ''There's only one way to stop the robots". Then Dr. Horror started to tell his plan. "First we have to go to the giant Creeps Ville laboratory where all the other little laboratories get all their supplies. The giant laboratory is in the middle of Creeps Ville. And The Creeps Ville hwy goes right past the giant Creeps Ville laboratory. It's only ten miles from here. Then when we get there we need to find the ROBOT SLEEPY GAS. It won't make people sick at all it will just make the smell of a chocolate cake that makes you real big. The lab we're in right now is on the south corner of Dark Falls and the giant lab is on the south corner of Creeps Ville. First take Dark Falls hwy. Then turn left on Fear Street. Then turn left on Beware Street. Then Beware Street curves to the left and ends at Creeps Ville hwy. Then turn right on Creeps Ville hwy. Then to your left you will see the giant laboratory drive way. And in the lab you need to get a pass into the wicked wax museum and in the wicked wax museum is the ROBOT SLEEPY GAS. And there's lots of bugs in there and also beware of the fiery dragon in the door and everyone that goes in there never comes out they only come out dead".


Then Dr. Macoy gulped and said, ''I will give it a try". So Dr. Horror took Dr. Macoy to the giant laboratory and they looked all over but they couldn't find any thing. Then all of a sudden some thing fell off of the shelf. It was a pass to the wicked wax museum. it was true nightmares going back through the lab. Then Dr. Macoy and Dr. Horror went into the wicked wax museum. There was an evil wax witch in there and Dr. Macoy was gonna be trapped dead in the wicked wax museum forever.


Then in the museum there was that evil fiery dragon guarding that sleepy medicine on the table over there. The dragon started to shoot fire at them. So Dr. Macoy and Dr. Horror started to crawl under the dragon. But then the dragon looked at the floor. And where he was looking at the floor was at Dr. Macoy. And the dragon started to shoot fire at Dr. Macoy and at Dr. Horror.


Then Dr. Horror took out his magic yoyo and swung it back and forth in front of the dragons face and said, ''Now you, will obey me now get out of the way". Then the dragon got out of the way and Dr. Macoy and Dr. Horror could get though. So Dr. Macoy and Dr. Horror got by the dragon. And they got the robot sleepy gas. But then the dragon got unhipnotized and faced Dr. Macoy and Dr. Horror. Dr. Macoy never knew that the horror was just beginning.


So Dr. Macoy reached out onto the floor and got Dr. Horrors magic yoyo and held it up to the dragon and he got hypnotized again. So they got out of the wicked wax museum. Then they took the Creeps Ville hwy and turned on Beware street, then on Fear street then on Dark Falls hwy. But when they got back to down town Dark Falls every thing was blown up and ruined and all the robots made a great big circle around Dr. Macoy and Dr. Horror. And the robots looked as if they were gonna attack.


Dr. Macoy and Dr. Horror stood helpless in the middle of the circle of robots. Then Slappy called the robots over to him and told them "if Dr. Macoy does not be our slave he will have to die". Then Slappy said the same thing to Dr. Macoy as he said to the robots. Then Dr. Macoy took out the robot sleepy gas. But then Slappy knocked it out of his hand. Then Dr. Macoy new that he was gonna have to choose to be Slappy's slave or die.


Dr. Macoy stood there thinking should he be Slappy's slave or die. Then Dr. Macoy said that he will be Slappy's slave. So Slappy ordered Dr. Macoy to carry him into the laboratory and sit him on his chair. Dr. Macoy kept thinking of how he could escape. But then he had an idea.


Dr. Macoy's idea was to Escape when Slappy's asleep. So Dr. Macoy was Slappy's slave for the rest of the day. Then at night Dr. Macoy put Slappy in his bed and covered him up. Then finally it was dark enough to escape. So Dr. Macoy went outside and went to Dr. Horrors house next door where he was being the robots slaves. And when the robots went to bed Dr. Horror came out with Dr. Macoy and they walked through Dark Falls then through Vampire Town then through the swamp were the creature in the black lagoon lives then through the swamp where the mud monster lives. Then they were almost home free until Slappy's helper evil robot got in front of them before they could get out of the swamp and in the city. And Slappy's helper evil robot looked as if it was gonna attack and kill.


Dr. Macoy and Dr. Horror stood there in horror. Dr. Macoy thought of something then he had an idea. So Dr. Macoy whispered In Dr. Horrors ear and said that his plan was to, 'run as fast as he can and don't stop running until you get to the police station. Then tell the police man what the robots are doing to Dark Falls and if he doesn't believe you take him there. Then both Dr. Macoy and Dr. Horror ran out of sight. But the robot didn't stop. The robot just went back to Slappy and told Slappy that his slaves had escaped and all about where Dr. Macoy and Dr. Horror are. Then Slappy said they will be back Dr. Macoy wouldn't leave his laboratory stuff behind. Then when Dr. Macoy and Dr. Horror got to the police station they told the police man all about it. Officer Fear lives in little town. Then the police man said, ''ha ha ha I'm not falling for that one again. So Dr. Macoy and Dr. Horror told Officer Fear to go to Dark Falls. Then Officer Fear said, ''No I'm not going anywhere I'm not falling for that scary robot joke again.


So Dr. Macoy and Dr. Horror went to Officer Dibbles Officer Fears next door neighbor and told him all about the robots tearing up Dark Falls. Then Officer Dibbles said "I know all about your jokes and I'm not falling for your dumb jokes either". Would any one in the world ever believe Dr. Macoy's and Dr. Horrors true story about the robots tearing up Dark Falls?


Then Dr. Macoy had an idea. Dr. Macoy's idea was to go back to Dark Falls and look for the robot sleepy gas and spread it all over Dark Falls. So Dr. Macoy and Dr. Horror went back to Dark Falls and there was the robot sleepy gas still laying in the middle of the street where Slappy left it. But before they could get the robot sleepy gas Slappy walked in front of it.


But Slappy was just sleep walking. So Dr. Macoy picked up the robot sleepy gas and opened the tube. Then the gas spread out all over and Dr. Macoy started to cough. Then Dr. Horror took of his head and he was really a robot with evil fire coming out of his eyes. So Dr. Horror is really a killer robot.


Dr. Macoy just stood there in horror as Dr. Horror started to run as he changed into a killer robot.Then Dr. Horror started to melt as he ran. Then all of the robots in buildings started to come out and they all melted as they were running out. I did it ,Dr. Macoy cheered as all the robots melted.


Then all of a sudden all of the buildings started appearing back to normal. Then a big noise started up the road and it was getting closer to Dr. Macoy. That noise sounded like more killer robots coming. And those people also looked like robots too. And they also looked as if they were gonna attack.


Then they got closer. It wasn't robots it was all the people coming out of there hiding places. And they all made a circle around Dr. Macoy and they all wanted Dr. Macoy's autograph for being a hero and getting rid of all of the robots. And the people were also so happy that Dr. Macoy got rid of the robots that they were very wild about it. Then all of a sudden the killer robots unmelted and started to make people disappear by blowing them in. Then pretty soon everyone in the world was gone forever and from now on earth is gonna be a killer robot planet. And from now on no more people are never ever gonna live on earth. And Dr. Macoy is also dead. So that means from now on earth is gonna be a robot planet forever unless more people get born on mars and start a another life on mars unless the killer robots take over mars too. So that means everyone on earth is dead except the robots. or maybe in the cemetery all the dead humans will walk from the dead. But that's another story.